Datasheets & Customized Catalogs

In the Datasheet area in EP uniTool you have more opportunities; find the datasheets you need and download or make you own customized catalog with your own selection of datasheets. It is also possible to select the already predefined catalogs.

Download icon

If you want to download datasheets you can click the Download icon and the downloading will start.

Add-to-collector icon

Add the wanted datasheets or publications (from Downloads menu) to your collector. When wanted content are there: click the Collector button. Click “Create Catalog” button, login and download your catalog.

Please notice you have to be logged in before it is possible to create a catalog.

Share icon

You have the opportunity to share datasheets via more platforms and channels. It is also possible to copy the link of your selection for other purposes.

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Explainer: How to make customized catalogs

Discover how you can ‘click datasheets in the collector’ and create your own catalogs.

Explainer: How to use predefined catalogs

Explore the possibilities of using one of the predefined selections of datasheets in EP uniTool.