With decades of experience in the industry, Ammeraal Beltech has come up with an innovative new solution to these challenges: uni DTB.

The uni DTB is our most advanced red meat deboning and trimming modular belt. The powerful combination of an innovative new design and durable material makes the uni DTB the perfect choice if you are looking to increase overall belt lifetime and cut your operational costs while boosting productivity.

Main features:

  • Optimized belt design, reduced knife-impact area, and reinforced belt edges
  • Cut-resistant properties and increased top-deck surface for improved lifetime
  • Available standard in Polyketone, the material best suited for deboning and trimming applications
  • Improved food safety due to reduced risk of foreign body product contamination
  • Single Link® up to 28 inch
  • Fast and easy mounting and dismounting thanks to lock-pin technology
  • An 8 mm lock pin for extra durability
  • UltraClean DTB one-part sprockets

Designed by experienced Ammeraal Beltech modular engineers and made from the most suitable materials for the job, the uni DTB is destined to become the “Best-in-Class” belt in primary meat processing, and a “worry-free” solution to your belting challenges!


Watch the uni DTB video: