Excellent stability, grip and product release capabilities are combined with the superior drainage properties and outstanding cleanability that characterize the uni MPB 25% Open belt.

The cone top design and density on the surface guarantee the correct balance between grip and non-stick properties to protect product and skin.

The uni MPB 25% Open Cone Top, with or without indents, meets all the industry requirements and Food Safety regulations for the fish industry and other wet food processing applications.


  • Cone top surface
  • Open area: 25%
  • Pitch: 2 inch
  • Running direction: straight running
  • Standard materials: PE / PP / POM
  • Easy-to-use 8.00 mm lock pins
  • UltraClean sprocket system
  • A wide range of accessories


  • Designed for seafood processing, but suitable for many different food applications that require grip, non-stick and drainage properties
  • Designed to avoid product damage
  • Reduces sanitation downtime and water usage
  • Compatible with uni UltraClean sprockets for optimal hygienic performance and easier maintenance
  • Easy belt repair and replacement

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Ammeraal Beltech member European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group.

Food Grade belts comply with EC 1935/2004 and FDA standards supporting your ISO 22000 requirements (previously HACCP).