NEW uni UltraClean Two-Part Sprocket - Superior in Food Industry

  • Helping to prevent food ingress
  • Reducing bio-film build up
  • Making sprocket, shaft and belt cleaning easier
  • Reducing water and cleaning agents consumption
The UltraClean Retainer

To complement our hygienic sprocket solution, we have designed UltraClean retainers to fit with our uni UltraClean Two-Part Sprocket. With these newly designed retainers, you only need one retainer per sprocket and, most importantly, making cleaning a lot easier.

Proven to be the best in test

During in-depth washdown testing of a selection of commonly available sprocket designs conducted by the DTU Center for Hygienic Design at the Technical University of Denmark, the uni UltraClean Two-Part Sprocket proved itself to be the most hygienic belt sprocket system for use in the food industry.

Sprocket Range

The uni UltraClean Two-Part Sprockets are available in a wide range of tooth numbers and popular metric and imperial bore sizes to fit most existing systems. Ammeraal Beltech Modular Belting series for the food industry using the new sprockets include:

Download the uni UltraClean Two-Part Sprocket brochure.