A truly innovative belting product. Except that this time it’s not a belt… Featuring it’s unique combination of Built-in adapter-spacers, the uni Ultrafit - Two-Part Sprocket system is a true revolution.

Our sprockets offer all the ease and convenience of a bolt-together modular Two-Part Sprocket, but their most unique and revolutionary feature are the built-in adapters.

  • Replace sprockets without removing shaft
  • Easier and faster maintenance
  • Less downtime & less disruption
  • Lowers your Total Cost of Ownership

The adapters make it possible to install the uni UltraFit Two-Part sprocket on different shaft sizes. Serving as spacers too, they automatically guarantee perfect distance between the sprockets, ensuring ideal alignment of sprockets across the belt width.

Adapters are available for popular bore sizes and in two widths:

  • 25.0 mm (0.98 in)
  • 76.0 mm (2.99 in)

The industrial range of Two-Part Sprockets are initially targeted towards the corrugated board industry (with extensions into other industries already in the works).

Suited for the following uni Modular Belt series (click to download the datasheets):

Download the uni UltraFit Two-Part Sprocket brochure